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Visitation / Parenting-Time Share

Visitation / Parenting-Time Share

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Oklahoma Visitation / Parenting-Time Share Attorneys

Protecting Your Parental Visitation Rights

Having a relationship with your child is of the utmost importance. How that relationship is built through visitation can vary dramatically from case to case. Visitation and physical custody of a child can range from being primarily or exclusively with one parent or with the child spending equal time with each parent .

While both parents can agree that the children’s best interests are the most important consideration in any child related matter, their views on how to accommodate those interests and time schedule can vary significantly. When disputes arise over the type and extent of access the parents should have to his or her children, the quality of his or her legal representation can directly impact the quality of the outcome.

Whether you are the custodial parent or the noncustodial parent, our family law attorneys are diligent in their pursuit of the best available outcome based on your stated goals. We have been successful in helping parents resolve even the most troublesome disputes. If a reasonable agreement cannot be negotiated, we are fully prepared to advocate your position in court.